Looking for a back to school Windows 10 laptop? Microsoft Store is running a 3 day sale

Arif Bacchus

The summer is soon set to come to and end for millions of students across America and that means now the perfect time to go shopping for the back to school essentials. So, if a new computer or laptop is on the list of back to school essentials, then you should turn to Microsoft, as the company is now running a 3-day sale on select PC’s (via Neowin.)

The sale means you can save up to $650 off certain Windows 10 PC’s across all three days. High-end devices such as the Alienware 15 Touch Signature Edition Gaming Laptop, and average end devices such as the Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop are all included in the sale. Devices from other manufacturers such as Acer, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Vaio, MSI, and ASUS are included as well. In fact, even the highly expensive  HP ENVY Curved 34-A051 All-in-one PC is included in the sale.

So, head over to the Microsoft Store now to check out the savings before they expire on August 20th! Once you’ve checked them out, come back to WinBeta and tell us about your purchase!