Listen to your favorite gaming music on Windows 10 with the Spotify app

Dennis Bednarz

A lot of gamers like to listen to some music in the background while they are playing and they use many different services for that. Now, Spotify has released a new update to their Windows 10 and Windows Phone apps in order to improve the gaming experience. Spotify has added a new gaming-related category to their playlists making the discovery of new music way easier. Not every track is good for gaming, especially in games where you have to stay focused and can’t be distracted.

The category includes a lot of music from different gaming websites that focus on music.  Some of the websites are Day[9] and SneakyZebra, which are both very known gaming communities. Spotify finds different songs from these sources, combines them into playlists, and delivers to the category.

The update should automatically appear on all devices supporting Spotify, without the need to download anything. This is a server-side change and requires no updating of the app itself.

Download Spotify for Windows Phone below and desktop here.

Developer: Spotify AB
Price: Free