Gears of War: Ultimate Edition ready for pre-order

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Gears of War Ultimate Edition

If you’ve been waiting for a Xbox One update of the original Xbox 360 Gears of War, then prepare to spend some money. It’s now available for pre-order as Gears of War: Ultimate Edition from the Xbox Store ahead of its August 25th release. 

To celebrate this milestone, The Coalition game studio, formerly known as Black Tusk studios, have released a video showing an update to the opening cinematic from the original Gears of War. The video depicts the explosive beginning of Emergence Day. It gives fans a flavor of what to expect from the full game. Fans are also reminded, this is just the first of several Gears of War games to be released over the next few years.

If that video whets your appetite, then you’ll be excited to hear that will be releasing special behind the scenes footage of ‘Remastering Gears of War’ every week until launch day. The videos will give viewers an idea of the work involved in updating a classic game to 1080p and 60fps quality. The first in that series of videos can be seen below.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will feature new content including five campaign chapters never released on the Xbox 360. Pre-ordering will get you exclusive bonus skins and characters as well. Gears of War fans should be aware that there are two editions available:

Standard Edition ($39.99 USD) – This edition gets you a full digital game download, plus pre-order bonus items including the Adam Fenix and Civilian Anya multiplayer skins and Animated Imulsion Weapon Skin for use in multiplayer matches.

Deluxe Edition ($59.99 USD) – On top of the Standard Edition items, this edition also includes the Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack featuring 10 different Animated Weapon Skins and 36 standard Weapon Skins, as well as the Civilian Marcus Fenix and Aaron Griffin multiplayer characters.

Gears of War is a pivotal franchise in the Xbox arsenal. Breathing new life into the cult game may prove to be just as critical as the original decision to buy it in the first place. Hopefully, this new release will re-ignite the passion that the original game inspired.