Future versions of PowerToys could bring these new useful features

Kevin Okemwa


You might remember the last, PowerToys 0.56.1 release, which comes with a What’s New page that helps you review the changelog, but there could be bigger things ahead in future versions (via Neowin.)

It now seems that Microsoft is teaming up with other contributors to add new features based on the pull requests on Github. The pull requests indicate that Microsoft is working on including a new Time and Date tool as well as improvements for the Window Walker Module.

This new Time and Date tool will you to search for the date and time in Windows, show it in different formats, and copy it to your clipboard. The other notable enhancement is one that should be expected for the Window Walker Module. You’ll soon be able to close windows without necessarily engaging the Task Manager or launching the app. These features are expected to come to Powertoys in future updates, and we included samples of what they’ll look like below.

We’ll have to wait and see, for when, but, for now, the best way to ensure you get these features in time is to try out PowerToys Preview, which has early access to new features.