Dailymotion introduces Universal Windows App for Windows 10 Mobile devices

Kareem Anderson

Popular YouTube alternative Dailymotion has undergone a full Universal Windows App makeover. While the app developers announced the availability of a Windows 10 Dailymotion app with Windows Universal availability, there is a subtle nuance to its more recent announcement of the same ilk.

Similar to some other recent Universal Windows Apps, Dailymotion first published its app for availability to the Windows Store and PC usage, with the understanding that eventually development would trickle down to mobile soon. Today’s new announcement has confirmed that a Windows 10 Mobile ready version of the app is available for download for users.

In almost identical fashion to its Windows 10 PC counterpart, the Windows 10 Mobile app offers:

  • An in-app picture-in-picture player, which allows you to watch a video at the same time as you browse for the next one
  • Drag & drop video files into the Dailymotion application to upload your videos quickly
  • A new “Quick search” to find your favorite videos through keywords or categories
  • Cortana voice search, for a more accessible searching experience
  • Account creation, now available directly in the app

Head to the Windows Store on your handset to grab the latest update to begin enjoying your Dailymotion content. Perhaps as more apps become universal apps, the line between PC or mobile-ready will be discarded for a more simplistic understanding of “both.”