Crowdsourced Windows 10 2-in1 Eve V gets final configurations, ships early 2017

Kareem Anderson

The momentum behind the crowdsourced new 2-in-1 Windows device made by Eve Technologies is picking up a bit more steam as news of specs and pricing surface.

Last month the Eve V, a new Windows 10 based convertible tablet PC created by Finnish manufacturer Eve, made headlines as several news outlets (WinBeta included) reported on the sparse spec information available at the time. Eve touted a new meticulously crafted touch screen for the device as well as similarly capable pen experience as the Surface, if not better.

However, interested parties are now being privy to some more concrete information about the new hybrid computing device that includes configurations and pricing of models, before the tablet PC launches on Indiegogo on November 21.

As of now, Eve is set to launch with 500 initial devices ready for customers on November 21 and prices range from  €1000 (~$1100) as the base model to €2000 (~$2200) for the “ultimate model.”

V m3

  • CPU: Intel Core m3 (7Y30)
  • RAM: 8GB (LPDDR3)
  • ROM:128GB SSD (m.2. SATA3)

V i5

  • CPU:Intel Core i5 (7Y54)
  • RAM: 8GB (LPDDR3)
  • ROM:256GB SSD (m.2. SATA3)

V i7

  • CPU:Intel Core i7 (7Y75)
  • RAM: 16GB (LPDDR3)
  • ROM:512GB SSD (m.2. SATA3)

While each configuration is set to come with a keyboard included in the bundle, the Eve V pen looks to be sold separately at the moment. Other buyer notes include clarification about LTE and GPS-enabled models to which Eve will be testing WiFi models first and if proven successful, eventually equipping LTE models with GPS.

Let us know in the comments, if this device could be your alternate choice for a Surface Pro 4-like experience.