Cortana to integrate with more Windows 10 apps, work across devices

Sean Michael

Cortana greeting

At Build this week Microsoft showed off how well Cortana can integrate with popular applications such as Viber, Uber, and Shopular. These integrations are shown off in a Windows blog post.

Integrating Cortana with other apps is not new. As Microsoft points out, Cortana is already integrated with 500 applications. One of the main differences between the current integration with Windows 8.1 and the coming integration with Windows 10 is that tasks can be done directly from within Cortana rather than simply opening the application. Additionally, since Cortana is becoming available on more devices, her ability to help you is expanding.

Cortana Uber

A prime example of this is her deep integration with Uber. Microsoft is forming a strong partnership with Uber with the integration of Uber and Outlook and this integration with Cortana. If you have an email containing calendar details, the example in the post is an email confirmation of purchasing a movie ticket, Cortana can take that information and understand that you need to get there. Along with your reminder, an option to have an Uber car pick you up appears. You can alter drop off and pickup locations and then even track your Uber car all from within Cortana.

With Windows 10, Cortana is coming to the desktop and Microsoft Edge in addition to Windows Phone which she is already on. Cortana keeps features that come from integration regardless of the platform she is on but the integration is customized to your specific device. If you’re on a tablet and ask Cortana to send a Viber message to someone she will open the chat conversation but if you’re on your phone she can send the message directly.

Cortana Shopular

Another example is Cortana’s integration with Shopular which allows her to either notify you of coupons for the store you are physically in through your mobile device or of the website you’re shopping on through Microsoft Edge.

What this creates is a seamless experience in which Cortana is there to help regardless of what device you are using. Cortana being integrated with apps and services gives her the ability to become a more useful personal assistant.