Cortana is coming to the PC with Windows 10

Hammad Saleem

Cortana is coming to PC with Windows 10

We’ve heard numerous times in the past few weeks that Cortana will make its way to desktops and PCs with the new Windows 10, and all these rumors are true. During the event, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore showcased Cortana on Windows 10 for PCs. It works in a similar fashion as its smartphone counterpart, even the “Hey Cortana” works on the PC as well.

However, Belfiore mentioned its still running an incomplete build so there could be bugs — build 9924.fbl_cortana for those who are keeping track of Windows 10 builds. He showcased Cortana performing a few tasks, asked questions from Cortana, and revealed the digital assistant has learned seven different languages. Cortana handled almost all the queries without any glitches, tracking flights, stock information, sports news, and more. 

Cortana is coming to PC with Windows 10

It’s gets even better, you can use Cortana to search your system for images, and even launch apps. During the demo, Belfiore did use Cortana to search the PC for photos from December, and the results were shown based on the month. You even type the name of the app, and Cortana will filter and show you the app. If it’s not installed, it will show you the store listing so you can install the app.

Furthermore, Cortana on the PC can be used to send emails to their contacts, along with the subject and description, making it easier for users to interact with their PCs and boost their productivity. In short, from now on, Cortana will be available on phones, tablets, and desktop PCs. There’s no exact word about the release of the Windows 10 build with Cortana, but Belfiore revealed the capability will be released for insiders in the next few months. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new build and give Cortana a go. More on this as it develops.