Coca-Cola Freestyle and Tvtag apps arrive in the Windows Store for Windows 8.1


Coca-Cola Freestyle and Tvtag apps arrive in the Windows Store for Windows 8.1

Two new apps have hit the Windows Store and both apps are free for Windows 8.1. With the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, you can find the nearest fountain and see all the flavors that Coca-Cola Freestyle has to offer. With the Tvtag app, you can compliment your TV watching experience with this fantastic free app.

“The Coca-Cola Freestyle app helps you find the nearest spot where you can explore endless possibilities. With our location finder, you can discover nearby locations that have a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain with 100+ choices waiting for you. It also shows you where to get good deals from your favorite restaurants, movie theaters and more. Once you find a place to enjoy, you can earn badges and prizes by checking in and exploring all of the brands available. You can also use the app to explore and save your favorite brands,” the app description reads.

With the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, you can create mixes of up to three Freestyle flavors. You can also share your mixes with friends or family. You can also earn achievements as you explore Coca-Cola Freestyle.

Tvtag, on the other hand, is a fantastic app that helps you discuss and react with fans while watching a TV show in real time. You can also easily see what show is on tonight. “Tvtag is the place to be while watching TV. Check in to your favorite shows, comment, react, vote, earn digital stickers, and experience TV with others like never before,” the app description reads. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Discuss and react with fellow fans of your favorite shows in real time
  • Weigh in on live audience polls
  • Share your favorite TV moments to Facebook and Twitter
  • Unlock digital stickers when you check in to shows
  • Discover trending topics and searches that relate to the shows you watch

Grab both apps via the download link below. Both apps are free. Enjoy!