Closer look at Microsoft’s upcoming OneDrive universal Windows 10 app (screenshots)

Zac Bowden


Microsoft is currently working on a Universal Windows App of OneDrive for Windows 10 desktop users which will likely be released alongside Redstone 1 this June. Considering the OneDrive app is a universal one, mobile users will find the deskop app to be, well, identical to what we already have, as the app is the same between desktop and phone.

There is nothing really different between the upcomig universal app for desktop and the version we already have access to on mobile. Of course, on the desktop, the app expands its user-interface to better accomodate the added real-estate, but apart from that everything is where you expect it to be.

OneDrive1 OneDrive2 OneDrive3 OneDrive4

OneDrive is just one of many new and updated apps coming to Windows 10 with Redstone this Spring. We also have a new Skype universal app on the way, as well as improvements to the camera/photo apps, and Film and Groove apps too. Stay tuned at WinBeta for more news regarding Windows 10 Redstone this week at BUILD.