Classic video game Chip’s Challenge is now available on Windows 10

Brad Stephenson

Chip's Challenge on Windows 10

A game developer has released an open source interpretation of the classic Microsoft video game, Chip’s Challenge, on the Windows Store as a Universal Windows Platform app. This re-release of the game can be downloaded for free and played on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Here’s the official game description: 149 increasingly difficult levels, including a few hidden ones, await Chip in this tile-based puzzle game. Use tools such as keys, and special shoes to bypass obstacles. Manipulate switches to and use dirt blocks to build bridges across waterways. Avoid enemy creatures, grab all the computer chips in the level, and hurry to the exit: On top of everything else, there’s a time limit!

Chip’s Challenge is a top-down puzzle game that was first released back in 1989 on the Atari Lynx. Soon afterwards, it was released as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 on Windows 3.1 and later in the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. The game was officially re-released along with its 1999 sequel, Chip’s Challenge 2, on Steam as recently as May 2015.

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Chip's Challenge
Chip's Challenge
Developer: Ken Blum
Price: Free