‘Black’ wants to be a Universal Windows 10 app, but needs your help

Michael Cottuli

The life of a part-time app developer can be a hard one, especially when that developer wants to overhaul their development and make huge changes to an app. Such is the case for the developers of Black, an app that lets its users accurately emulate black and white analogue photography, recreating the effects of real film filters in order to try and be as accurate as possible. The app has been downloaded more than 600,000 times across all of its platforms, with 300,000 of those downloads coming from Windows devices – it’s not Angry Birds, but the app has definitely seen some success.

Black, however, wants to take its app to another level. In an effort to make a Universal Windows 10 app, the team behind Black is making an attempt to devote all of its time to development – a much different development experience than what the creators previously had, which mostly consisted of spare time. In order to cover development and living costs, the team behind Black needed to start an Appstretch crowdsourcing campaign with a goal of about $10,000.

Here is the list of features that they intend to add into the UWP version of Black:

  • 1. Completely redesigned collection page
  • 2. Three new filters:
    – P400 TURA EXPIRED 2002
    – N15 ORWO
  • 3. Social sharing options

While that isn’t the longest list in the world, it isn’t all that needs to be developed here. Unfortunately, since the UWP app is being built from the ground up to ensure the highest quality, it’s only going to be able to reuse 10% of the assets that the current version of Black is running on. Essentially, the app is being made all over again for the UWP.

Whether or not the $10,000 ($9,999 to be exact) is specifically what they need or just a placeholder is yet to be seen – they may just be trying to make as much as they can so that they can survive the months that it will take to finish the app. Regardless, if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Black fans, you may want to consider tossing in a few dollars to the campaign.

Developer: Peter Stojanowski
Price: Free