Bing Pulse to be used by CNN and MSNBC during the State of the Union address

Sean Michael

Bing Pulse Results used by CNN

Bing Pulse is going to be used by CNN and MSNBC to poll audience during the upcoming State of the Union address to give viewers instant feedback on the views of the nation. This isn’t Bing’s first go around in politics or on CNN. CNN used Bing Pulse reactions on their ‘Magic Wall’ during the 2014 midterm elections, and President Obama’s ISIS speech to display the views of viewers across America.

Bing Pulse combines the easy viewing of information on the Bing platform with Bing’s ability to collect information from a large number of users and devices. During the upcoming State of the Union address, people can log on to Bing pulse and anonymously share their feelings on the President’s speech as often as once every five seconds.

Bing emphasized the safety and anonymity of the service. Politics can often be a sensitive subject so having the ability to be anonymous will is a feature that will lead to more communication. These results are then accessible instantly to give a ‘pulse’ of the nation. Displaying political reactions is another move towards Bing being viewed as an information database that’s easily searchable rather than just a list of links.