Band Sensor Monitor brings live data streaming to Microsoft Band

Sean Michael

Microsoft Band

Real time streaming of data from the Microsoft Band is now available with an app by Venetasoft. The Band Sensor Monitor app works with Azure services to display data instantly on the web.

Streaming data to the web in real time is part of an update to an already powerful app. Band Sensor Monitor allows you to see information that is hidden in the Microsoft Band’s companion app. Here’s a full list of everything Band Sensor Monitor shows:


  • Heart Rate frequency (Bpm)
  • Skin temperature (F°)
  • Galvanic Skin Response (KOhm)
  • Ultra Violet index (UV)
  • Ambient Light Sensor (Lux)
  • Movement sensor
  • Step sensor
  • Battery sensor with 1% steps


  • Real time:  last minute with 1s rate
  • History: all collected data from app start

An app like this adding real time streaming opens doors to other worlds of applications for the Microsoft Band. Elderly people that live on their own and young children could have basic vital information such as heartbeat and temperature monitored remotely. Athletes could have their motion data streamed live during races and events. Medical research could use the app to measure stress levels in various situations.

There is one major drawback though that makes these uses for the application much more difficult. In order for the data to stream you need to have the Band Sensor App open on your Microsoft Band and have your phone on. Battery life issues could hinder implementation of the app in vital areas but the concept of using it to help better people’s lives is there and possible.