Azure Maps to get Moovit integration, bringing rich public transit info to the platform

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, Azure, Moovit, Azure Maps

Azure Maps is poised to get Moovit integration, bringing a more robust public transit information system to the platform. As noted in a report by VentureBeat, mobility data startup Moovit uses crowdsourced data from millions of users to outline subway and bus routes throughout the globe. The new partnership with Microsoft will allow Moovit to integrate its mapping tool with Azure Maps.  Moovit also uses its data to provide urban planners with a service called Smart Transit Suite.

In a press release, Moovit sees that the new partnership with Microsoft will benefit both companies.

Integrating Moovit’s transit data into Azure Maps will help developers build richer apps using public transit. Information provided will include A-to-B trip planning, nearby stations, stops and lines with multimodal options. Transit line information like scheduled and real-time transit arrivals, list of stops and route guides will also be included, as well as detailed and multimodal step-by-step itineraries, service alerts and transit maps.

Tara Prakriya, Group Program Manager for Azure Maps and Connected Vehicles at Microsoft, sees beyond the short-term benefits of integrating Moovit’s services with Azure Maps for developers as well as customers.

“Developers and customers alike have been asking for a comprehensive mapping solution that brings together location awareness with public transit data to provide a full picture. By offering location awareness with public transit data on Microsoft Azure Maps, developers not only can create more sophisticated and smarter, real-time location-based apps, but our cloud customers across a variety of industries like automotive, public sector, manufacturing and healthcare will be able to leverage this data to continue to improve how people get around and get access to services globally. Moovit’s world-leading coverage will allow Azure to provide its customers with the most comprehensive and accurate transit data services.”

The new partnership with Microsoft will help Moovit gain new users, who will provide more information on transit routes around the world. In time, Moovit will move more of its products and services to Microsoft Azure. In the near future, we could see other Microsoft products and services, including Cortana, deliver real-time transit information for a user’s commute with Moovit.

Currently, Moovit has 300 million registered users in 2,600 cities and 85 countries, with approximately 450,000 editors, called “Mooviters,” who help monitor and improve the data being contributed to the platform. If you are interested in becoming a Mooviter, you can sign up here.