Adobe updates Photoshop Express on Windows 10, adds premium features with Adobe ID login

Mark Coppock

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe makes a nice little photo editing app for Windows 10, Photoshop Express, that allows simple image editing and adjustments. Cropping, straightening, sharpening, red-eye removal, and the like are all available in a nifty Universal Windows 10 app. Today, Adobe updated the app with a few significant changes.
First up, Adobe Revel support has been removed. That makes good sense since Adobe is shutting Revel down and moving its users over to the Creative Cloud Photography plan. Head over here to learn more about transferring your files over.
The second change is more positive. Specifically:

In-app purchases have changed: Premium features are now free when you sign in with an Adobe ID.

Adobe Photoshop Express Premium Acces Adobe ID login
You’ll be prompted to sign into an Adobe ID when you start Photoshop Express following the update.

That seems like a nice bonus, and it’s a limited time offer. You can login via a number of options:
Adobe Photoshop Express login options
Adobe Photoshop Express login options.

Once you do, you’ll have access to some nifty new features, including Premium Looks and Reduce Noise.
Adobe Photoshop Express before login
Adobe Photoshop Express Reduce Noise is preview-only before logging in with an Adobe ID.

Adobe Photoshop Express after login
Once you log in with an Adobe ID, Reduce Noise becomes fully functional, forever.

A quick note: if you don’t sign in with an Adobe ID from the start, all’s not lost. Once you have your account information at hand, just go to Settings > Getting Started, and sign in there. You’ll then get access to the premium features.
Go hit the update button in the Windows Store if you already have the app installed. Then login and get the premium features. If you don’t have the app installed, hit up the link below.
Thanks to WinBeta reader Nicholas for the tip!