AdDuplex releases their Windows 8 data, Surface RT on the rise

Hammad Saleem


The folks at AdDuplex are fairly popular with their Windows Phone statistics, showing us the breakdown of the most popular handsets. Recently, the firm came up with their Windows 8 data, showing the list of popular devices, as well as the breakdown of the market captured by the Surface tablets. Keep in mind, it’s a little hard to break the data down into devices as there are hundreds of thousands of Windows devices out there. 

According to their data, Surface RT has seen a rise in its market share by almost 1.5 times since August last year, with Surface 2 grabbing the fourth spot with 1.7 percent market share. As far as the Surface Pro is concerned, the tablet has a mere 1.1 percent share. There are other notable devices in the top list as well, including Asus Transformer Book and Dell Venue 8 Pro. 

The folks at AdDuplex also broke the percentage related to Microsoft tablets as well. Microsoft didn’t release a whole lot of tablets, except the two iterations of Surface and Surface Pro. Microsoft Surface RT is on the top spot in Microsoft tablets with 80.1 percent followed by Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2 with 9.3 percent, 6.2 percent, and 4.4 percent, respectively. 

Lastly, they also mentioned the top Windows manufacturers. Surprisingly, the top spot is grabbed by “Others” and we don’t know which companies are included in the list. It’s interesting to see this section comes out as the top spot with a 50 percent market share, compared to a 10 percent more than half a year ago. They are followed by HP, Microsoft and Asus — who took over Dell to claim the fourth spot. 

Personally, I feel like it’s a little incomplete to list the market share captured by Windows 8 devices as the number is too big. For Microsoft tablets, it makes sense to see which one of them has the highest market share. What do you think?