60% of Steam users run Windows 10 and the number is growing

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, Windows 10, Steam, Video Games

On Steam, Valve’s game distribution and community site, Windows 10 gaming market share has increased to over 60%. This new information is noted in a report on Windows Latest (via NetMarketShare). In global market share, Windows 10 is still behind Windows 7. However, Windows 10 is a popular OS on Steam and gaining more users quickly. Here’s a look at Steam’s Hardware and Software Survey for August 2018.

Microsoft, Windows 10, Steam, Video Games
August 2018 Steam Hardware and Software Survey

As of August 2018, Windows 10 holds 60.62 percent market share on Steam; an increase of 6.22 percent over the previous month. Overall, Windows holds 96.44 percent of market share on Steam, the obvious majority of all other operating systems on Steam. Windows 7 64-bit version currently holds 29.17 percent and Windows 8.1 64-bit holds 3.90 percent. At the bottom end, Apple’s macOS holds 2.87 percent, followed by Linux at 0.59 percent.