Microsoft highlights how SQL Server 2016 is best for mission-critical intelligence

Dave W. Shanahan

SQL Server 2016

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the latest news for SQL Server 2016, providing companies with the best technology to harness cloud computing. Traditional databases are designed to record and retrieve business transactions reliably, securely, and efficiently. While traditional databases work well, SQL Server 2016 provides a better alternative that doesn’t depend on on-premises resources.

That’s where SQL Server 2016 comes in. It supports databases to be offered as a fully managed service in the cloud, making it easier to build and deploy intelligent Software as a Service (SaaS) apps. SQL Server 2016 also provides the most invaluable security features online.

Microsoft built SQL Server 2016 for the demands of this new cloud-based world to help companies be prepared for anything that may cause hiccups in their everyday business transactions. It supports machine learning, advanced analytics, and hybrid transactional and analytical processing, mobile BI, data integration, and encrypted query processing.

A majority of SQL Server 2016’s features have been tested in Microsoft Azure, with its 22 global datacenters and is likely the world’s only “born cloud-first” technology; it’s customer tested and ready for enterprise deployment.

One company that benefits from SQL Server 2916 is DocuSign. DocuSign helps companies with approval workflows by getting rid of the need for paper; therefore the need for security and reliability is of the utmost importance.

DocuSign teamed up with Microsoft to secure customer data, discover insights with SQL Server analytics and Power BI capabilities.  Here, Chief Architect and Vice President of Platforms, Eric Fleischman explains how SQL Server 2016 has helped DocuSign:

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 is bringing a more robust product that offers unrivaled data, intelligence, and cloud technology. If you would like to learne more about what this new product can offer for the enterprise customer, check out the Data Driven webcast, happening now.