Over 17% of Steam users are now on Windows 10

Sean Cameron

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It is now over a month since the launch of Windows 10, and by all accounts, adoption among the general public has been quite rapid, spurred on by the free upgrade offered by Microsoft.
According to statistics from Steam, it now seems that gamers have been just as enthusiastic in their reception of Redmond’s baby. Over 17% of those who access the Steam service now do so from a Windows 10 PC, and given that the service now has over 125 million active users around the world, that is quite a significant number.
As time goes by, and driver support for Windows 10 continues to improve, and the positive changes delivered by DirectX 12 become more apparent, this figure is likely to increase over time.
What percentage of users on earlier versions of Windows will choose to stay with what they have is difficult to tell however, not everyone is likely to find Windows 10 to be to their personal tastes. Regardless, this is an impressive stat for the operating system so early in its shelf-life, and will hopefully be a sign of things to come.
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