WinBeta Podcast 5: Windows 10’s Spartan meets Cortana

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WinBeta Podcast 5: Windows 10's Spartan meets CortanaWelcome to the weekend and the latest episode of the WinBeta podcast! If you haven’t already listened to our previous episodes, you can check them out on your favorite podcast clients including SoundCloud, TuneIn, iTunes, and the Windows Phone Podcast app. Eager listeners can also use the RSS feed provided below to use their favorite applications not aforementioned.

This week, the team discusses the latest Windows 10 build screenshots, the wonderful experience of using Cortana’s Spartan integration, and the way in which Microsoft may change how you game in the future. Plus, take a close listen and learn how you can help us change the world with the power of a tweet.

Update from Zac: Just to clarify, when we talk about Cortana and Spartan in the podcast, we say she scans webpages to display users with relevant information. I believe this is incorrect, and instead she queries information from Bing. So those worried about her reading the webpage, you can relax.

Be sure to hit up the download links below to start listening or check out the embedded Sound Cloud option we have right in this post. For more information on the articles discussed, you can check them out below.

This episode of the WinBeta podcast is dedicated to HoloLens Designer, Mike Ey, who recently lost his life in a fatal car accident. Our thoughts are extended to Mike’s family and friends.

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Included stories this week: