Xbox chief hints at “positive changes” coming for E3 show

Dave W. Shanahan

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Xbox chief Phil Spencer indicated in an interview with Digital Trends that E3 2018 will see some “positive changes” this year. No word yet exactly what these changes will be, but Microsoft likely wants to avoid the issues they faced last year at E3 2017. E3 2018 will take place in Los Angeles, CA on June 12-14, 2018.

Looking to the interview, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer indicated some changes coming for E3 2018:

“I don’t think we’ve talked about [it] yet, but I think will be some positive changes at E3. Could be fun for us; it’ll be a nice change.”

Nothing like a vague statement by Microsoft to put the Xbox world in a talespin. Various rumors have been going around, namely a possible Halo 6 in the works. Other rumors include another Gears of War (5), and a possible Fable 4.

The only meaningful changes that anyone wants to see from Microsoft is new Xbox One games, new Windows 10 games, and more Xbox Play Anywhere games. In order for Microsoft to deliver “positive changes,” the company will have to announce Xbox games do more than excite people. Microsoft will have to shock the world at E3 2018 in Los Angeles on their press conference this year. We’ll have to wait and see what these “positive changes” actually are.