Digital pre-orders for Metal Gear Survive now open on Xbox One

Dave W. Shanahan

Metal Gear, Microsoft, Konami, Xbox

The next installment in the Metal Gear saga, Metal Gear Survive is available now for pre-order on Xbox One. Metal Gear Survive appears to continue the story of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and pits the player against creatures (zombies?) from another dimension. Here is a trailer of single player action available in Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive is no longer directed by the legendary Hideo Koijma, Konami has decided to take Metal Gear in a different direction. Whereas, Koijima made Metal Gear about fictional political espionage, Metal Gear Survive looks to focus the player on zombie-like creatures from a different dimension.

Now that Koijima is out of the picture on all things Metal Gear, it is safe to say that Metal Gear Survive will not continue the epic Metal Gear story. Looking at the trailer, it doesn’t look like Snake will play any role in the new Metal Gear-branded game. Still, Metal Gear Survive is modestly priced at $39.99 and is available for pre-order now on Xbox One. Pre-order it today and see if Metal Gear Survive can hold up without Hideo Koijima at the helm.