Microsoft Edge updated on Android, picks up dark theme option, password syncing

Arif Bacchus

Following the release of a similar update on iOS last week, Microsoft has updated the Edge app on Android with a dark theme and password syncing options. Though the app is still in beta, these are some very welcome changes, adding in to the experience and making the browser much more functional and personal for those using it on the go as an extension of Edge on Windows 10 PC.

The option for the dark theme can be found in the “appearance” section of settings in the Edge app on Android, right alongside the options for the light theme, and the default theme. Choosing the dark mode theme makes the UI and certain web pages pretty sleek, just as it did on iOS when the functionality was introduced on that platform a few weeks ago. Options for password syncing, meanwhile, can be found by initially signing in with a Microsoft Account, authenticating the device via a code, and then pressing save passwords in the settings menu.

Dark mode on Edge for Android

Have a look at the full changelog below.

  • Password syncing: Your passwords in Microsoft Edge are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, you can always get the passwords you saved.
  • Dark theme: Just like in Windows 10, personalize Microsoft Edge by switching to the beautiful new dark theme – perfect for low-light conditions such as working at night.

You can expect for Microsoft to add in more features over time, as the entire experience is currently evolving on the feedback of those who have installed the beta on their devices. If you’re not already using Edge on Android, feel free to download via the link below. It’s free, and there’s no need to sign up to download!