Finnish authorities, Microsoft, settle in Get Windows 10 (GWX) app case

Arif Bacchus

The Windows 10 logo on a blue background

When Windows 10 first launched many Windows users felt Microsoft was aggressively pushing the new OS onto their Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs via the Get Windows 10 (known as GWX) app. Authorities in Finland happen to be one of the groups who put up an issue with it and they have reportedly finally settled with Microsoft in the case (via

After a lengthy battle dating back to mid-2016, Microsoft apparently reached an agreement with Finnish authorities to no longer “force apps” onto users without their consent, and also not change the functions of buttons in the UI. This comes after Finnish authorities initially argued the GWX app installed on users PCs without their permission. They also claimed the GWX app was a marketing tool and design language was changed in the app so the “X” would not close the Window but instead install Windows 10.

Microsoft argued the GWX app was explained to users in a blog post, but Finnish lawyers found that it was not “sufficient” enough. This is just the latest case involving Get Windows 10 as Microsoft previously agreed to cease forcing downloads in a similar German case.