Windows 11 and Windows 10 users to get text prediction on Microsoft Edge

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft is developing a text prediction feature that will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide suggestions for words while a user is typing in Chromium Edge.

This feature has been announced to be released for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users in the Microsoft Edge Canary Channel.

Microsoft Edge is similar to Microsoft Editor and Outlook in that it uses a prediction feature to help users write documents and e-mails faster. To accept a text prediction suggestion, tap the Tab key or press the right arrow key. To ignore a suggestion, continue typing and the preview will disappear.

Use predictions

The prediction feature will help you write faster and with fewer mistakes when you’re browsing search engines or social media websites. When the feature is enabled, small greyed-out suggestion boxes display Microsoft’s predictions or suggestions wherever you’re typing online.

You’re now able to use the autocomplete feature on Microsoft Edge for your notes. If you want to add something and hit the Tab or Right arrow key, Microsoft Edge will insert the text for you. You must have Windows 10 or 11 to use this feature. However, it is not yet clear when or if the feature will be available to the macOS version.

Microsoft plans to add support for more regions in upcoming updates. If you’re having trouble, visit the Feedback Hub for assistance.

Apart from the new text prediction feature, Microsoft Edge includes a new sidebar that provides users access to the Gamepad panel, Bookmarks panel, and more.

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