Utah becomes 25th State to sign CJIS amendment with Microsoft

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has announced (via the Azure Government Cloud blog) that Utah has become the 25th state in the US to sign a CJIS amendment with the company. According to Rochelle Eichner, director for Risk & Compliance for Microsoft’s Azure Government Engineering team, this signing will give justice and public organizations more opportunities to implement advanced solutions in the secure, compliant, Microsoft government cloud.

In case you did not know, The CJIS provides a secure framework of laws, standards, and policies for accomplishing the mission of giving justice and noncriminal justice communities access to services that can provide data wherever and whenever for stopping and reducing crimes, especially from the FBI, who require the CJIS Security Addendum to release certain info to local law enforcement agencies. The signing of Utah to the CJIS now brings support for two-thirds of the U.S. population, and with the commitment from Microsoft, and other innovative solutions, will bring a digital transformation in law enforcement.