Trimble launches Sketchup Viewer for Microsoft HoloLens

Kit McDonald

This morning marked a major milestone for architects and engineers when Trimble announced SketchUp Viewer to be available for purchase on the Windows Store. The 3D viewer for HoloLens is one of the latest innovations to bring augmented and virtual reality to the fingertips of creators.

With the SketchUp Viewer, builders can work with digital models scaled down onto the table or scaled up to a life-size view that the user can walk through. The application makes it possible to interact with their models, edit them, and present them across distances for a more cost effective and time efficient experience.

Here is a list of features from the product page:

  • Open models that have been published to your HoloLens device from SketchUp Desktop.
  • Search, browse and open models from 3D Warehouse.
  • Sign in to Trimble Connect to browse your project folders and open SketchUp & DWG files.
  • Create or join multi-user collaboration sessions. Collaborators can be collocated in the same place or distributed across remote offices.
  • View and interact with your 3D models as holographic scale models.
  • Navigate your projects in a 1:1 immersive mode. Since the HoloLens device is untethered, users are able to walk freely throughout their project models.
  • Users can move, rotate, and scale 3D models.
  • The Scenes panel gives users the ability to navigate to specific locations in the model by choosing from any of the pre-saved scenes that were created in SketchUp.
  • The Layers panel gives user the ability to toggle the visibility of contents that have been assigned to Layers in SketchUp.
  • The Entity Info feature gives users the ability to view component attribute data.
  • The Tape Measure tool gives users the ability to measure point to point distances within the model.
  • The Map Navigator is especially useful while in Immersive mode. It gives you the option to get around in your model by choosing a specific point to jump to.
  • The application interface has been designed to give users the ability to “Pin” various aspects of the user interface to surfaces in their physical environment.

It’s worth noting that the app is for businesses as made obvious by the hefty $1,499.99 price tag. Users can now purchase and download SketchUp Viewer to their HoloLens from the Windows Store.