Report: Microsoft to unveil Surface “Cardinal” at October launch event

Kip Kniskern

We’ve heard these rumors before, but Mary Jo Foley at All About Microsoft posted today with more on Microsoft’s plans to unveil a Surface All-in-One type device as early as next month.

Foley is hearing that the new Surface, code named Cardinal, “could be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into ‘a studio'”. We posted on earlier reports that this All-in-One could be a consumer oriented Surface Hub, based on that device’s Perceptive Pixel based screen technology.

Microsoft isn’t commenting on the reports of the event, or even that there will be an event at all, so it’s all officially still under wraps for now.

Microsoft has held October events, in New York City, before, to launch new products like the Surface Book and the Lumia 950/950XL phones and to showcase OEM devices, and Foley is hearing that this rumored event, complete with its own code name, Rio, will again showcase new Windows 10 OEM devices along with the new Surface line of “Cardinal” devices.

Foley also made note that other Windows 10 devices, including the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5, could still be waiting until Spring 2017 to make their debut. Furthermore, the rumored Surface Phone could be waiting until even later in 2017, and the successors to the Surface 3 and Band 2 remain uncertain.