Microsoft working on feature to let users resume interrupted Windows 10 updates

Arif Bacchus

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According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is working on a new feature that will let Windows 10 users resume interrupted Windows updates. Head of Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar said that it is on Microsoft’s roadmap, without sharing a ETA. “Dona said that the decision to introduce the upcoming “resume download” feature was heavily influenced by Microsoft’s experiences with its Windows Insiders4Good Fellowship programs,” wrote Windows Central.

This upcoming feature would mean that Windows 10 users would no longer have to completely restart a Windows Update download if something happens to go wrong—be it a loss of internet connection, or a laptop battery draining out. It also would make downloading a featured update and even new builds much more simple for those who may have slower connections that may frequently drop out.

Following the rollout of Microsoft’s Unified Update Platform last year (which reduced the median download size of differential update packages on Windows 10,) this is definitely excellent news. As always, it is best to keep tuned for more in the months ahead, as things will likely become more official soon.