Microsoft OneDrive to end support for iOS and iPadOS 13

Brad Stephenson

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The Microsoft OneDrive app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices updated to Version 12.62.5 today.

While this update primarily focuses on unspecified bug fixes and optimizations, the release notes also include an important reminder that Microsoft will soon be ending support for the OneDrive app on devices running iOS and iPadOS 13 and that all users are encouraged to update, if possible, to iOS and iPadOS 14 or higher.

Here’s the full notes:

This update contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

We would like to let our users know that we are planning on dropping support for iOS and iPadOS 13 soon. OneDrive will continue to support the current version of iOS/iPadOS (15) and the one immediately before that, iOS/iPadOS 14.

Apps ending support for older operating systems is incredibly common and is mostly done to improve functionality and data security as devices evolve the way they handle files and processes.

Just last year, Microsoft also announced that their OneDrive sync client would be dropping support for older Windows and Mac operating systems.

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‎Microsoft OneDrive
‎Microsoft OneDrive