Microsoft Edge extension for Qmee is “something we hope to look in to soon”

Jack Wilkinson

Previously, we’ve spoken about Qmee, a way of earning money online for searching popular sites such as Bing, Google, Amazon and eBay. It works by displaying relevant ads next to your search results, and when clicked, will reward you with a set monetary value, that can be immediately redeemed to a PayPal account or donated to charity.

When using Microsoft Rewards (Bing Rewards) and Qmee together, it acts as a nice little bonus to being rewarded for searching – something we all do daily.

Now, a representative for Qmee has told On MSFT that the UK-based company is wanting to release Qmee for Microsoft Edge, saying that it is “something we hope to look in to soon.” For reference, Qmee already has extensions available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, so a Microsoft Edge extension would only seem the sensible approach.

There’s no date on when Microsoft Edge will receive support for Qmee, however, it is definitely on their radar.

If you’ve not given Qmee a try, click here to sign-up. All you have to do is search and be rewarded for it – money is instantly sent to PayPal upon redemption.