CES 2016: This is Lenovo and Razer’s new gaming desktop and curved monitor


A few months ago, we learned that Lenovo was partnering with Razer to co-brand cutting edge Windows 10 gaming devices. Razer, for those that did not know, is a leader in high-performance gaming systems. This partnership came to fruiting at CES 2016 with the unveiling of a new gaming desktop and laptop. Meet the IdeaCentre Y900 RE (Razer Edition).

“We unveiled the first fruits of this relationship here at CES: the new IdeaCentre Y900 RE desktop and Lenovo Y27g RE Curved Gaming Monitor (Razer Edition). We purposely made sure the IdeaCentre Y900 RE echoes the high performance of the current IdeaCentre Y900, equipped with a quad-core 6th Gen Intel Core i7 K-series processor and dual NVIDIA GTX970 discrete graphics,” Lenovo explains to WinBeta.

The desktop device features an ATX motherboard and enough room so you can upgrade your device at a later date. Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 RE starts at $2,299, and will be available starting in June of 2016.

“We also put the Razer Edition styling on the special co-branded edition, bundled it with a Razer Chroma keyboard and mouse, and added Razer Chroma multi-color lighting effects that stand out from the crowd in a pitch black room. We know that many players want to program a full array of multi-color lighting effects, so we gave them the ability to do that – from spectrum cycling and breathing, to static and wave. Razer Chroma offers an infinite degree of customization to make gameplay smooth and fun,” Lenovo adds.

Lenovo Y27g RE Curved Gaming Monitor (front-angled with wallpaper)
Lenovo Y27g RE Curved Gaming Monitor

Lenovo has also introduced a special 27-inch curved monitor in partnership with Razer. The Lenovo Y27g RE Curved Gaming Monitor offers a 144Hz refresh rate, and 8ms response time. The lift, tilt, and swivel is easy accomplished thanks to the stand, and there is also a built-in headphone hook so you can enjoy your viewing angle. This monitor starts at $599.99 and will be available in May of 2016.