Battle Royale game The Culling is coming to to Xbox One Game Preview on June 2

Michael Cottuli

Since H1Z1 King of the Hill, the Battle Royale genre has taken the world by storm. The most recent smash hit in the genre, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has recently robbed previous flavor of the month “The Culling” of its spotlight – but they’re determined to take it back. The Culling will be taking advantage of the Xbox One Game Preview program, offering one of the first true Battle Royale experiences that console gamers have gotten a chance to sink their teeth into.

Like other games in the genre, The Culling is pretty much an exact replication of the formula of The Hunger Games, pitting a group of many players against each other in an open world free-for-all, where they battle it out for resources and weapons with only one player surviving to the end. If The Culling sounds like something that might interest you, it’ll be out in the Xbox One Game Preview program on June 2nd, and it’ll be priced at $24.99 USD.