Starting November 22nd, Zune marketplace rentals and purchases will end


Zune marketplace rentals and purchases end from 22 November

The Xbox Music and Video team has announced that the Zune marketplace will end support for the rental and purchase of content soon. An email has been sent out to owners of Zune devices, but the announcement is also available to read online. It is a follow on from the previous revelation that Microsoft Points are being retired, but it is strangely vague about the shutdown date.

Rather than providing a definite end date, the notice says that: “Zune Marketplace will no longer support rental and purchase of content, or browsing movies and TV shows, beginning as early as November 22, 2013.”

Users are advised that any outstanding Microsoft Point balances will need to be converted into local currency. Conversion can be instigated by running through the usual purchase process, or by redeeming a Microsoft Points card or code in the Video app or Music app on a Windows 8.1, or on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One. When you do this, Microsoft will “add to your account an amount of currency equal to or greater than the Xbox stores value of your Microsoft Points” — so there’s a possibility of making a profit!

Rentals and purchases can then be made on Windows 8.1, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Any existing video purchases that have been made through Zune marketplace will be available through Xbox Video.