Xbox Insiders to get custom Gamerpics today

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Onsie

After announcing that the new custom Gamerpics feature was being tested internally at Microsoft a few days ago, the company’s Larry Hyrb today tweeted that Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring will begin to get the feature sometime today. If all of the Alpha Ring testing goes well, it’s expected that other Insiders will also get the feature soon before an eventual rollout to the general public userbase.

Xbox Insiders are a select group of Xbox One console owners who let Microsoft run preview versions of software on their devices and collect feedback on apps and features. The custom Gamerpics option is something that’s been teased for a while and has been requested by Xbox One users since the console’s launch.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of custom Gamerpics? Will you change yours once the feature in enabled? Let us know in the comments below.