TimeShift, two other titles head to Xbox One via Backward Compatibility

Arif Bacchus

Xbox One, Halo, Console, Bundle

Microsoft is always adding more games to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog, and today three more titles have entered the fray. Joining the list are Assault Heroes 2, Commanders: Attack, and TimeShift. As always, we’re including download links, descriptions, and trailers for these titles for you below.

Assault Heroes 2: ($4.99)

Re-imagined for a more intense arcade shooter experience, Assault Heroes 2 explodes with additional combat vehicles, more powerful weaponry, hijack-able enemy units, extensive on-foot skirmishes and enhanced co-op. Battle alone or with a friend in dramatic environments like space and the rainforest as you hijack the stealth helicopter, armored tank or mechanical walker from the enemy base. Reign destruction on the sinister alien force with a superior arsenal of weapons including the newly designed sub-zero freezing ice cannon, homing missiles, rocket launcher and upgraded firearms. Survive on-foot warfare in underground areas and environments fully equipped with all your weapons. Unlock the full game now to save mankind before it’s too late!

Commanders: Attack: ($4.99)

Deploy, Engage, Win!!! Utilize many diverse units including Tanks, Scouts, Infantry, etc. alongside your powerful Commander unit to cripple the enemy and defend your territory.

TimeShift: ($29.99)

The megalomaniacal Dr. Krone has created a disturbing alternate reality. Armed with the experimental Beta Suit, you alone can SLOW, STOP, and REVERSE the flow of time itself. Perfect this ability to end Krone’s madness. Join the battle for survival and lead the uprising to victory.

Just five days ago, five other games headed to the backward compatible catalog, including  3D Ultra Minigolf, Golf: Tee It Up!, Gin Rummy, Contra and RoboBlitz. And, before that, Call of Duty: Black Ops II was finally released for Xbox One via Backward Compatibility. Let us know your thoughts on these latest additions by dropping us a comment below.