Office 365 receives a number of enhancements for better connectivity at Ignite 2016, including new Delve app for Windows 10

Kit McDonald

Microsoft isn’t short on announcements thanks to the Ignite 2016 conference being under way. One such announcement is Microsoft’s initiative to develop new and improved people experience for Office 365. In an attempt to build a more connected experience, apps and services are rolling out with some new features.

New Delve app for Windows 10 PCs and mobile

The new Delve app for Windows 10 desktop and mobile is the first of these features. Available now for download, Delve does just that by delving into your social connections and getting insights on how your team is collaborating. As the Office blog post puts it, it is “an activity stream of all important, timely files in one place.” If you were wondering what your team was up to, now you’ll be able to know.

Delve for Windows 10.

With the new Delve Windows 10 app you can:

  • Stay in the know and discover what your colleagues are working on with badges and notifications.
  • Find relevant documents and email attachments based on people you know.
  • Get back to important documents you’re actively working on.
  • Locate expertise and learn more about colleagues relevant to you.

Delve is available for work or school accounts as long as the Office 365 admin has enabled the feature. The Delve app is now available at the Windows Store and you can download it from the link below.

Price: Free

Intelligent people cards

Another addition to Office 365 is the integration of people cards. Similar to those in Outlook with contact information, people cards bring in what jobs they do, who they work with, and what documents they have been working on. Outlook on the web already showed off the usefulness of people cards, but now they’ll be expanding over to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business as well.

Office 365 new people cards.

Office 365 profile updates

To top it all off, building up the ‘people experience’ wouldn’t make sense without some updates to Office 365 profiles. You can be fully connected to each other by including organizational relationships, current jobs, and even displaying your schedule from their Exchange Online calendar. The Delve app is even integrated to reveal if they are in their office or not. It might be worth a look into editing and updating your profile with history, projects, skills, and other experiences.

Microsoft is continuing to develop their business services to become more connected, secure, and productive and there are plenty more announcements to be made throughout the week. Be sure to keep checking up throughout the next few days for more news from Microsoft Ignite 2016 on WinBeta (OnMSFT).