Microsoft Store Ads for apps preview now open for Windows 11 2022

David Allen

More content and new developer opportunities are coming to the Microsoft Store.  Content is the heart of the Windows PC experience from apps, to movies, and gaming.  Microsoft’s passion for making it easier for developers to bring apps to customers inspired the store redesign.  Microsoft has also embraced a new set of Open App Store Policies that allows developers to use their own commerce and storefront options.

Microsoft Store Ads

At Microsoft Build, Microsoft Store Ads were announced to allow developers to get their products in front of consumers at the right time.  Today, with the release of Windows 10 2022, Microsoft has announced they have started onboarding developers to the Microsoft Store Ads Pilot program. Developers will be able to create ad campaigns in the Microsoft Store using Microsoft Advertising to reach both Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices.  Microsoft is committing to balancing both the developer and consumer experience.

Android Apps and Games

In the coming weeks, the Amazon App Store will expand to 31 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and more. making more than 20,000 apps available to new customers.  To get started head over to the Microsoft Store on Windows app. Microsoft has made it easier to find Android apps using editorials and search inside the store.  You’ll see inline ratings and reviews and be able to share links with your friends.

Amazon Prime Video, ESPN apps coming to the Store

Sports fans will be thrilled to hear that soon they will be able to watch their favorite programming from the ESPN App, coming “this month.”  Disney fans will be getting full access to Disney+ and Amazon Prime moves and TV shows will be available in the Amazon Prime App, available for the first time today to Windows Insiders.

If you’re a creator Microsoft Store has options for you too, ClipChamp and CapCut. If you’re mixing music there’s Djay Pro.  Note taker?  The new unified One Note will be available this month.

Game Pass

Microsft hasn’t left the gamers out. Don’t forget GamePass has hundreds of games available for both Xbox and PC for one monthly price. The new Microsoft Store design makes it easier to find your favorite titles, sales, and installation requirements.  File access for your favorite titles is also now available for installing custom mods and addons.

More updates are coming to the Microsoft Store in October for those running the latest version of Windows 11. Customers will have a brand new search box inside the Microsoft Store.  Also when moving to a new PC they’ll also be a restore option to easily get your apps from the store onboard.