Microsoft reveals all the features coming with Xbox One May update, including 120Hz support

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft released the second preview of Xbox One version 1805 to Xbox Alpha Insiders this week, and today followed up to announce all the features coming with the “May Update.” Many of the features for this next version of the Xbox OS build on what will be coming soon with the upcoming Xbox Spring Update (version 1804.) Big features include 120Hz support, the ability to organize pinned apps into groups, and more.

120Hz support

Expanding on the 1440p resolution support which Microsoft introduced in Xbox Version 1804, is support for 120Hz refresh rate. The option will be available in May for gamers who have their Xbox connected to displays which support 1080p and 1440p output resolutions. This is especially a nice option for high-end monitors and display which support the high refresh rate.

120 Hz

Grouping Games and Apps

A much-requested feature also coming in May is the ability to group pinned games and apps together. Microsoft is fittingly calling this feature “Groups,” mentioning that you can make collections of anything that is listed within My Games and Apps and have them sync across your consoles. You’ll also be able to assign custom names to groups, organize and order groups, and add groups to your home page so you can see them at a quick glance.

Groups will not be enabled for everyone in the Alpha ring and will be rolling out on a gradual basis. Microsoft says they are doing this in order to gauge interest and collect feedback on the feature first.

Grouping Games and Apps

Trimming Clips Directly in the Guide

Microsoft had previously made it easier to share and upload captures from Xbox to Twitter, and in May, this process is getting even faster. The company says gamers will soon be able to trim recent games captures directly from the guide, eliminating the need to switch to Upload Studio.

Trimming clips

Other features

120 Hz support, grouping apps and games, and trimming captures from the Guide may be the biggest features coming in May, but there are also some minor changes too. For one, Microsoft says they will be improving on Family Settings and adding a “Details” page for Parents to configure their controls on Xbox consoles. Another big change is an improved Xbox Accessories app, which should be easier to navigate and look through. Finally, there are “Intuitive Button commands”, which will allow you to use the View button on Home to edit the order of blocks and re-order items within Groups.

Xbox Accessories App

These are some nice features, and it’s good to see that Microsoft is working on the feedback from gamers and looking to introduce more experiences to the console OS. As usual, you can expect most of these features to roll out over time, and you might even see additional experimental features not introduced in today’s announcement. Do you like these new features? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.