Microsoft introduces MVP Reconnect for former MVPs

Kareem Anderson

Not quite a capitulation, but perhaps an admittance of necessity, Microsoft is introducing its MVP Reconnect program to house the lowly MVP community that was displaced after its retirement.

Earlier this year, Microsoft bid adieu to its aging MVP program in favor of being agiler in a “mobile-first, cloud first” world. In retiring the old MVP program and replacing it with a new system, the community many MVP’s got used to was shuttered and left many without a way to network with the men and women who helped each other achieve awards, certifications, and jobs.

Several former MVPs grew in their careers and today, they are CTOs and decision makers. I have a lot of respect for these peers and I listen when they talk. Their experience is king and I would love to see them get involved with the community again!

I am missing the MVP networking and the people…. That energy is unique.”

In light of that absence, Microsoft created MVP Reconnect to connect MVP’er’s with one another.

Here are some of the details.

Who can join?

The program is open to all former MVPs, regardless of technical expertise or award category, with a minimum of 1 full MVP Award year. Members must be in good standing, meaning that they must have no Code of Conduct or NDA violations.

Why should I join?

MVP Reconnect will be the official channel for you to stay connected to other community leaders and Microsoft. You will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive networking channel, events, and private discussions, as well as local and global offerings.

How do I join?

The program is open to all former MVPs. You can join the program by filling out the membership request form here. We will follow up soon after with an official registration email. Supplying your MVP ID and the primary email you used during your tenure will help expedite the validation process.

Visit the [email protected] site for more information and to begin re-networking with your fellow MVPer’s.