Microsoft is holding a Windows 10 event in three days, here's what to expect

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Back in September, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 to the business-orientated world. In just three days (January 21), the company will be unveiling Windows 10 again, but this time for a different audience. Consumers are about to get a taste of what’s to come with Windows 10, and let me tell you, you’re in for a good time. But what exactly can we expect from Wednesdays event?

A new consumer-focused Windows 10 build

Microsoft said back in November that build 9879 would be the last build of 2014, and that a new build would be pushed to Windows Insiders in January 2015. Microsoft will demo this new build at the event, and talk about what’s new over the previous builds. Some new features include Cortana, an updated user-interface, tablet mode, Office for Windows 10 and more.

Windows 10

The new Windows 10 build will be pushed out to Windows Insiders running 9879 or 9888, and will also be available in ISO form for those who wish to clean install. No official word just yet on what the actual build is, some have speculated 9922 or 9924, only time will tell. Not only that, but this build will also mark the continuation of the Windows Insider program, which went on a brief break over the Christmas holidays. Builds should return to a more frequent schedule, which is definitely exciting!

Some other changes in the upcoming build include a more modern design, new icons, an updated login screen with rounded profile pictures and many more new and exciting things which you’ll have to wait for Wednesday to see. There will also be a new Windows Server build for those IT admins out there too.

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is also expected to unveil Windows 10 Mobile too, the smartphone version of Windows 10 which is coming later this year. We’re not too sure what to expect with Windows 10 Mobile, other than the fact it will share similar UI features and functions, possibly using the same Modern UI apps available on Windows 10 too. The Windows 10 Mobile preview will be coming to Windows Insiders a week or so after the event, towards the end of January.

Windows 10 Mobile is also expected to run on more than just smartphones, it’ll be replacing Windows RT, meaning it’ll (hopefully) run on Windows RT tablets such as the Surface 2 and Lumia 2520. It should be interesting to finally see where Microsoft is taking mobile computing.

The company will also unveil a new version of Office for Windows 10 Mobile too, something which many Windows Phone users have been waiting for, especially since the Office suite arrived in top-quality on iOS and Android, leaving Windows Phone in the dirt. It’s unlikely we’ll see it be available to the public straight away, as I hear the software is still isn’t ready for primetime. But who knows?

Xbox Games… on PC?

Phil Spencer will be present at the upcoming Windows 10 event and will be talking about PC gaming. Build 9901 saw a vastly redesigned and improved Xbox app pre-installed, which has lead many to think Xbox games may be coming to Windows 10 via streaming from Xbox One. This is most definitely an exciting idea, and one many are excited for.


No word on whether Microsoft plans to unveil Windows 10 for Xbox One too, something which is also currently in the works. Cortana is one feature pegged for Windows 10 on Xbox One, which we imagine will launch alongside the other product launches later in the year. Perhaps a new dashboard preview will be pushed out as well, who knows.

Stay tuned

We’re still a few days away before the big day, so make sure you stay tuned at for all the latest regarding Windows 10. WinBeta will be present at the event and will be live blogging, so make sure you’re around for that. An exciting couple of weeks are ahead, let’s experience it together!