Microsoft Azure Firewall gets three important upgrades with better monitoring and reporting abilities

Devesh Beri

Microsoft reported new capabilities and updates related to Microsoft Azure Firewall. Azure Firewall is a cloud-native firewall as a service offering from the Microsoft Azure platform. The updates focus on enhancing the monitoring, management, and innovation aspects of Microsoft Azure Firewall. Here are the key points:

Keeping an Eye on Firewall Health (Preview):

    • Microsoft Azure Firewall will now allow users to monitor the health status of their Azure Firewall resources.
    • It will let users know if there might be a problem.
    • Users will know if it’s working fine (“Available”) or had a little issue (“Unavailable”).

Better Reports with Embedded Workbooks (Preview):

    • There’s a new way to look at Azure Firewall data that’s easier to understand, i.e., more visually engaging reports.
    • You can integrate info from different Firewalls to see the big picture.
    • It helps users discover why something went wrong in their logs by showing specific details.

Faster Service with Latency Probe (General Availability):

    • Users can now measure how quickly Azure Firewall responds, i.e., The Latency Probe metric measures the overall latency of Azure Firewall.
    • If there’s a delay, users will know it’s from the Firewall.
    • This helps users catch problems with traffic or services sooner.
    • Uses Ping Mesh tech to measure ping packet latency.

Overall, these updates aim to enhance the monitoring and management capabilities of Azure Firewall.