Microsoft Loop Components will let you sync tasks with Planner and To Do

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft has announced that users will soon be able to sync created tasks across Microsoft Planner, Loop components, and To Do. As such, it will be easier for users to manage and keep track of everything registered on these platforms, thus enhancing productivity.

Loop components are live, interactive, and collaborative objects you can embed across multiple platforms. You can use them to create and collaborate on projects. Loop components allow users to make real-time changes, thus making it easier to keep track of pending tasks and the status of the project. You can also use

The feature is already available in Outlook and Teams, whereby users can embed them in their chats and emails through the Loop Components menu. And now, with this new integration, users will be able to manage their tasks better and make edits in Microsoft Planner. As for Microsoft To Do, users can now view their tasks via the Assigned to me section.

Microsoft further indicated:

With this change, all tasks created in these lists will automatically sync and be visible in Planner, and assigned tasks will show up in To Do in the ‘Assigned to me’ smart list. These tasks will also be visible in all apps that show Planner and To Do tasks such as the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams,

The integration is expected to start rolling out to users on Microsoft Loop desktop, web, and mobile later this month. It should hit general availability by mid-July. In related news, Microsoft released the Loop app to public preview back in March and later added support for personal accounts on Android and iOS.

via Petri