International pricing information for Windows 10 revealed by Microsoft

Sean Cameron

Windows 10

Much has been made of the free upgrade that current users of Windows 7 and 8 will receive upon the arrival of Windows 10, but most others have been kept in the dark; that is until now of course. Following an update to the “Get Windows 10” app, pricing information has now been made available to international consumers, following an earlier announcement detailing pricing in the USA.

According to the app update, and as revealed on Neowin, Windows 10 will cost £99 in the UK and approximately 135 Euros in the eurozone, with more international pricing information yet to arrive. This regards Windows 10 Home Edition, what the pricing of other versions will be has also not yet been revealed.

These prices have not yet been finalized, and as such may yet change. With this kind of price point however, and with competitors making their software available for free, an even more drastic change might be approaching.

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