Google officially unveils the Pixel 4 alongside new earbuds, Chromebooks, and Wifi routers

Kareem Anderson

Google has officially joined the Fall rush of hardware announcements as it unveiled a slew of hardware ranging from wifi routers to earbuds.

Google Stadia

There were several mentions early on about Google’s cloud streaming gaming service, Google Stadia, that led the event. Despite the lack of further technical announcements at today’s event, fans and journalists were finally given an official November 19, 2019 release date to applaud about.

Pixel 4 & 4XL

As expected, Google officially took the wraps off its flagship Pixel smartphone, Pixel 4 and 4XL. While much of the phone specs, features, and industrial design has been known by the media for the past few months, the company managed to sneak in a few surprises such as pricing, availability and Live HDR+ image capturing.

Other details include a 90Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen, Face Unlock tech, on-device next-gen Google Assistant and Google’s Project Soli gesture controls.

Unlike previous years, Google has managed to get the remaining US carrier holdouts to sell Pixel 4 this year and interested customers can now walk into AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, and Xfinity Mobile, US Cellular, C Spire, Cellcom on October 24, 2019, to snag the new phone at a starting price of $799.

Pixel 4 and 4XL will come in three colors, black, white and a limited edition peach/orange color with either a glossy black or matte white and peach finish on the phones.

Pixelbook Go

Google also announced the Pixelbook Go which is a slightly more affordable Chromebook sporting several chipsets, storage, and screen technology options this year. Interested parties can grab the Pixelbook Go for as little as $649 with an Intel M3 processor on 8GB memory and 64GB hard drive or max out at $1,399 for the latest Intel Core i7 with 16GB memory and 256 GB of storage. Pre-orders for the Pixel Go start as soon as today.

Nest & Nest Mini

Further down the rabbit hole was the announcement of the Nest Mini and Nest which Google is hoping will bring home automation and voice control to even more homes and living rooms.  The Nest mini will now finally come with a wall mount, improved audio and brand new blue color for the same prices as last year at $49.00.

The Google Wifi Mini comes in a pack of three including the main Nest routed unit and two wifi speakers for $349 and should cover up to 5400 square feet of coverage. Pre-orders are available now.

Pixel Buds

Lastly, there was also some attention paid to the follow up of Googles Pixel Buds from 2017 with the refreshed Pixel Buds 2019. The Pixel Buds this year are truly a wireless solution that Google claims will fit snugly in most people’s ears. The improvements in 2019 include new Dynamic Sound technology akin to noise cancellation and up to 5 hours of continuous use battery.

There was mention of language translation but Google didn’t dive into the presumed improvements over 2017’s technology. Unfortunately, Google will not be selling the Pixel Buds (2019) this holiday season but instead opting for an early 2020 release for $179.

At the close of the event Google claimed there were some more details and possibly even more unannounced hardware that would become available if so, we’ll update accordingly.