The former Nintendo Switch exclusive game No More Heroes 3 is coming to Xbox later this year

Robert Collins

2021 hack and slash action-adventure title No More Heroes 3 will be coming to Xbox later in 2022, according to The new release will boast improved visuals, with higher framerates and faster load times. The physical edition of the release will apparently include an art book, soundtrack CD, and a commemorative Santa Destroy (the fictional city in which the game is set) biker license plate. With the whole lot retailing for $59.99, it sounds like a great deal for fans of the franchise.

The fourth game overall in the series, No More Heroes 3 features fast-paced third-person combat and a highly stylized presentation with obvious anime influences. Players take on the role of the world’s no. 1 assassin Travis Touchdown, who apparently has been forced out of retirement to help defend Santa Destroy from an alien invasion. Touchdown’s signature beam katana will of course be making a return, as will the Death Glove from Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. There are also several minigames as well as driving segments to break up the hack and slash gameplay.

No More Heroes 3 has been generally well-received, with a respectable Metacritic score of 75, so it should make yet another solid addition to the Xbox library. The new version of the game will be hitting both Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as PS4/PS5 and PC.