“File Locksmith” from PowerToys will let you know why you cannot delete files

Kevin Okemwa

PowerToys has been on the receiving end as far as features and updates are concerned, with the latest version 0.62.0 adding a screen ruler, quick accent tool, and text extractor. In August, the tool also got a new feature, PowerOCR which lets users copy text from any image opened in Windows.

And now, there’s yet another new feature in the works for Microsoft’s PowerToys app on Windows dubbed “File Locksmith.” The tool is designed to help users easily identify processes holding a file open, showing why they cannot erase certain files, for example.

The feature will list the processes, their IDs, blocked files and finally have a button which is in place to help users end the processes that are currently running, thus preventing deletion of the file. Share your thoughts with us regarding this feature below.