B2X, Microsoft’s customer support partner for Lumia devices, releases an app for Windows phones

Laurent Giret

Earlier this year, we learnt that Microsoft had quietly partnered with German customer support company B2X to provide support for its Lumia phones. The transition was consistent with Microsoft’s decision to gradually phase out the Lumia brand, which began earlier this summer with the closure of the @LumiaHelp Twitter account.

Now, the German company has released a dedicated support app for Lumia phones on the Windows Store called WB2X-SMARTAPP (via Neowin). The app features different tools to check potential issues with your Lumia handset, and it can also help you get in touch with the company for further assistance.

The app can let you check potential issues with your Lumia handset.

Here are all the features mentioned in the store listing:

  • Diagnose your Lumia phone’s hardware and software
  • Chat with a B2X support agent for immediate help
  • Request a callback from a B2X support agent
  • Find the nearest service point
  • Get all Lumia device information at a glance
  • Analyse your Lumia’s battery health status
  • Check your Lumia’s warranty status
  • Keep track of your repair status

The app supports both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile and seemed to deliver exactly what is advertised during our own testing. You can check it by yourself by using the download link below.

Developer: B2X
Price: Free