Best television shows based on video games: The Cuphead Show!

Robert Collins

2022 | TV-Y7 | 2 Seasons | TV Comedies

Follow the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his easily swayed brother Mugman in this animated series based on the hit video game.

Starring: Tru Valentino, Frank Todaro, Wayne Brady

Based on the hit 2017 indie game from Studio MDHR, The Cuphead Show! is one of the most recent video game-to-television successes to come to us courtesy of Netflix. Like the game, The Cuphead Show has an aesthetic that is reminiscent of vintage “rubber-hose” animation a la the very early Disney days. The show has been well-received since its February 2022 release. Season 2 launched in August.
It is a loose adaptation of the game, and is geared more toward kids than veterans of the tough-as-nails run-and-gun platform-shooter. The show follows brothers Cuphead and Mugman—the same protagonists from the game. The pair has a knack for getting into trouble, especially with the Devil. The voice casting includes Tru Valentino (who also voiced Adam Gette in Psychonauts 2) as Cuphead. Veteran actor and voice actor Frank Todaro is both Mugman and Jerry. Grey DeLisle voices Ms. Chalice, Hilda Berg, Dorris and Emma. And Jim Conroy is Ollie Bulb, Jasper and Duke.

The Cuphead Show' on Netflix: Coming to Netflix in February 2022 - What's on Netflix
Ireland-based Lighthouse Studios handles the animation—and unlike the game’s hand-drawn animations, the show uses a variety of other methods in order to meet deadlines. American composer Ego Plum, perhaps best known for his work on Spongebob Squarepants, is responsible for the show’s music.

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Season 1

Release year: 2022

Follow the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his easily swayed brother Mugman in this animated series based on the hit video game.

s1e1 carn evil

1. Carn-Evil
Cuphead convinces Mugman they should ditch their chores and head to the carnival, unaware it’s a front to collect souls.


s1e2 baby bottle

2. Baby Bottle
The brothers take care of a baby left at their front door. But with Elder Kettle gone and a strict warning to be good, it’s harder than they imagined.



s1e3 ribby croaks

3. Ribby & Croaks
A squabbling Mugman and Cuphead sneak into a club to grab some ice cream after the boxing champs who own it steal their money.



s1e4 handle with care

4. Handle with Care
After Mugman’s handle breaks off, the brothers visit a greedy shopkeeper and get creative while on the hunt for glue.



s1e5 roll the dice

5. Roll the Dice
All bets are off when Cuphead takes over Inkwell Isle’s No. 1 game show, much to the annoyance of its devious host King Dice and his devilish boss.



s1e6 ghosts aint real

6. Ghosts Ain’t Real
A spooky bunch of ghosts treat Cuphead and Mugman to a night of chills and thrills after trapping them inside a creepy graveyard.



s1e7 root packed

7. Root Packed
Cuphead and Mugman have to defend Elder Kettle’s precious vegetable garden after a rotten gang turns their yard into a party.



s1e8 sweater off dead

8. Sweater Off Dead
Mugman knits a special sweater to keep Cuphead’s soul safe. Meanwhile, in the underworld, the Devil is throwing a party.



s1e9 sweater luck next time

9. Sweater Off Next Time
The Devil follows the brothers day after day, waiting for Cuphead to take off his sweater so he can collect his soul before Stickler finds out.



s1e10 dangerous mugman

10. Dangerous Mugman
Cuphead and a cowardly Mugman test their courage after Porkrind sends them on a dangerous errand that quickly gets out of hand.



s1e11 dirt nap

11. Dirt Nap
Elder Kettle overhears strange conversations between Cuphead and Mugman, then worries that the boys have menacing plans for him.



s1e12 in charms way

12. In Charm’s Way
Trouble follows the brothers when Cuphead and Mugman get in over their heads upon meeting a free-spirited, street-smart new friend.



Season 2

Release year: 2022

Pirate adventures, giant peppermints, devilish pitchforks and more! Wherever Cuphead and Mugman go this season, fun and mischief are sure to follow.

s2e1 jailbroken

1. Jailbroken
Cuphead and Mugman are in the slammer after breaking into the cookie factory. Prison’s scary — but now they can’t decide whether to bust out or stay in!


s2e2 charmed dangerous

2. Charmed & Dangerous
Trouble comes a-knockin’ when Ms. Chalice turns up on Elder Kettle’s doorstep and turns on the charm. The question is: Can she be trusted?



s2e3 a high seas adventure

3. A High Seas Adventure!
The boys think they’re just “playing” pirate until they actually drift out to sea and get roped into a mission to reunite a captain and his sweetheart.



s2e4 another brother

4. Another Brother
After an argument with Mugman, Cuphead goes looking for another brother. But his reckless new sibling isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.



s2e5 sweet temptaion

5. Sweet Temptation
Cuphead’s self-control is put to the test when he discovers a sugary dreamland where he can eat all the sweets he wants… with a catch.



s2e6 the i scream man

6. The I Scream Man
All Mugman wants is a little peace and quiet while Cuphead and Elder Kettle are away. Enter the ice cream man — and his jaunty truck’s maddening jingle.



s2e7 piano lesson

7. Piano Lesson
Mugman gets dangerously jealous when his snooty piano teacher taps Cuphead to compete for a $10,000 musical prize instead of him.



s2e8 release the demons

8. Release the Demons!
Steaming mad and ready for revenge, the Devil summons his finest demons and sends them above ground on a mission to recapture Cuphead’s soul.



s2e9 dead broke

9. Dead Broke
Ms. Chalice and the boys craft a perfect spooky scam: making money as ghost removers! But things get real when they pick a house that’s already haunted.



s2e10 rats all folks

10. Rat’s All, Folks
A crafty rat claims ownership of Elder Kettle’s cottage and all of its contents after a careless Cuphead and Mugman leave the door open.



s2e11 say cheese

11. Say Cheese
Elder Kettle wants to snap a family portrait of him and his boys — and, boy, does he get it! Just not in the picture-perfect setting he was expecting.



s2e12 lost in the woods

12. Lost in the Woods
Winter’s coming and there’s lots of work to do, but Cuphead doesn’t want to do any of it. Forget chopping wood — he’d rather launch rockets into the sky!



s2e13 the devils pitchfork

13. The Devil’s Pitchfork
Cuphead and Mugman are giddy with power when they get their hands on the Devil’s pitchfork and make fiery mischief all over town.



Wrap up

If you are a fan of gorgeous animation and slapstick humor (and no, you don’t have to be 10 and under to belong to this category) you should definitely check this out if you haven’t already. Fans of the game should also give The Cuphead Show! a chance. Netflix initially ordered 36 episodes across three seasons, but with the show’s warm reception it is safe to say The Cuphead Show! will be around a little longer in one form or another.

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